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Prompt 1

What are some ways that you are different? How does this affect you? How do you feel about it?

Prompt 2

Why are so many of us so afraid of being different? What is it that causes these fears? What can we do about it?

Prompt 3

What went through your mind as you watched the video? What stuck out to you? How did you feel? What did you connect with?

Lesson Plan

1.  Solo – Write / Prepare

(5 min) Pick a prompt, and prepare to share by writing out what you want to say.

Audio Timer

2. Small Group – Listen

(5 min) Listen well as everyone shares.

Rate Your Skills Afterward (1-10 scale)

____ I made good eye contact.

____ I gave my full attention.

____ I gave positive vibes & responses.

3. Whole Group – Discuss

(10 min) Go through each prompt. Share, listen and discuss.

4. Solo – My Takeaway

(2 min) Write down key points to look back on

1) What was this all about? (Summary)

2) Why does this matter?