SEL Curriculum that Finally solves the 2 BIG problems

Play this quick video and see for yourself… we do things differently.

  • Easy (No prep for teachers!)
  • Engaging (Students love the videos and activities!)
  • Not Cheesy (Like 95% of the stuff out there)
  • Meaningful (It’s real life, so they care)
  • Effective (created by educators, not business people)
  • Less Expensive (Better curriculum for 1/3 the cost)

the two big problems with SEL

I’ve been a middle school teacher for over 15 years, and I know how important social emotional learning is. We need it more than ever. But I’m worried. I’m worried that in a lot of cases, we’re actually doing more harm than good. 

Here are the Two Problems

Kids hate it and the teachers hate it too.  Not all of them… I mean, some like it… I guess.

For the kids… The lessons are lame, cheesy, cringe, or whatever you want to call it. It all feels like elementary school.

For the teachers… well it’s just one more thing on their insanely long to-do list, and it’s just not a top priority for most of them. This is not what they specialized in. It’s is not what they were trained to do. It’s not what they are evaluated on or what the state test measures. Oh… and just like the students, they also think the lessons are “lame, cheesy, cringe,” etc. So when you’re not getting “buy-in,” it’s not because they don’t think it’s important. There’s a lot more going on underneath the surface.


Here is the Solution

If you are an administrator or a counselor, you want wins for the students and the teachers. If you want SEL to work, the students have to enjoy it and it has to be absolutely no work for the teachers.

Reallyville was designed for teachers, by teachers. We know what it looks like on the ground and we know what we need. So, we developed a video-based curriculum that grabs students attention and takes all of the burden off of the teachers. This means no prep is needed. It means the teachers get to share the experience with their students and connections are made as they enjoy it together. This is what it looks like when SEL is working… relationships are growing.

Nothing to Hide

All the other big-name curricula hide their content behind their wordy websites and “call us for a quote” buttons. Not us… Our videos speak for themselves. You can see most of our content without a worry, email request, or anything. We are confident that you’ll see how different our content is, and know immediately that your students and teachers will enjoy it. 

Visit our Preview Page and see how Reallyville does it. We’re different.