Suggestions for Video Implementation

To get the most out of Reallyville’s videos and prompts, we suggest teachers/facilitators…

1) Make a commitment to watch the short videos along with your students and share the experience with them. Relationships are built through shared experience, so being away from your desk and distractions and being fully present during the short time is incredibly powerful.
2) Have students get out a sheet of paper (or a consistent notebook) before the video starts. When the video ends (and time permits) do not jump straight into discussion. Show the prompts and allow 3-5 minutes to jot down their thoughts. Bullet points are typically preferred by students, but that is up to them.
3) Have students share in small groups of 3-4. This allows them to process their thoughts and gives them an opportunity to practice verbally in a low-risk way. This encourages active listening and appropriate social skills while also allowing them to build confidence.
4) Whole-Class discussion – Now that students have processed and practiced, the foundation has been laid for a rich class discussion. Now more voices will be heard since they have had time to prepare. And they have their notes to look back to if they get nervous. The teacher/leader simply needs to facilitate the discussion. They can get involved as much as they feel comfortable, but the lesson does not depend on them, their strengths, or their passions. They are facilitators, and the messages are relayed the same to all students in every room.