Reading – The Bus Ride

The Bus Ride

Jaysa: “Ugh, why do they have to talk like that? It’s like a cuss word every two seconds.”

Shay: “For real. They sound so trashy.  Like, can’t you hear yourself? You don’t sound nearly as cool as you think you do. It just makes you sound dumb.”

Jaysa: “Exactly!, they don’t get it. And they just do it to get attention and try to look tough. And they’re so mean to people and don’t even care. And they talk about nasty stuff that’s like… bro… nobody wants to hear that.”

Shay: “Yeah, and it’s not just the bus. They do it everywhere. The halls, lunch, even in class. It never stops.”

Shay: “Right?!I mean, I get if you say certain things with certain people sometimes, but like… we’re in school. We’re not on the streets or hanging out at a club or something.”

Jaysa: “Exactly. It’s like, do you even realize how stupid you sound? It’s not hard to speak without swearing.”

Shay: “Right? And I feel like no one does anything about it. They just won’t stop.”

Jaysa: “I know. It makes me hate this place sometimes. It’s constant, and it feels like no one really cares.”

Shay: “It’s exhausting. It’s like we’re stuck in this toxic bubble all day. Like, how are we supposed to deal with this, every single day? I just want to come to school and do well so I can do something with my life, and not have to deal with this toxic environment.”

Jaysa: “And it’s not just the swearing. It’s the whole attitude. They’re disrespectful and rude. It’s like they’re proud of being jerks.”

Shay: “I know, right? It’s so messed up.”

Jaysa: “It is, seriously. But it’s like, is every school like this? I mean…?

Shay: “I hope not. It really shouldn’t be. School should be a place where we can actually learn, not just dodge insults and negativity.”

Jaysa: “Yeah, you’re so right.”