Reading – Shoes

Considering what you learned from the lesson, read the dialogue below and try to pick out how many argument errors you see. 

Asia: Hey Kay!

Kay: Hey Asia.

Asia: Hey, nice shoes. Did you get them on clearance?

Kay: What’s that supposed to mean? You think I can’t afford nice things?

Asia: I didn’t say that. I just thought I saw them on sale last week. Jeez… so sensitive. 

Kay: Well, you always have to make those backhanded comments, don’t you?

Asia: Oh, come on, relax. Why do you always take everything so personally?

Kay: Because you’re always saying something!

Asia: That’s so not true! I say nice stuff all the time! I should’ve just kept my mouth shut. You always take things the wrong way.

Kay: Oh, please. You think you’re so perfect with your brand-new stuff all the time. Must be nice being daddy’s little princess.

Asia: Excuse me? At least my dad isn’t constantly in trouble like yours. You’re just mad. It’s not my fault.

Kay: How dare you bring up my family? You’re such a snob!

Asia: You’re such a hypocrite! You just said something about my dad. I didn’t do anything to you. Remember last week when you borrowed my dress and then pretended it was yours, you weren’t calling me a snob then. And I didn’t say anything. YOU’RE SO UNGRATEFUL! 

Kay: SHUT UP! You’re just a spoiled brat who thinks she’s better than everyone else!

Asia: WHATEVER! You’re just mad and you’re taking it out on me ‘cause you’re so selfish.  

Kay: Keep talking, Asia. One of these days, someone’s gonna put you in your place.

Asia: Oh, really? Like you could ever do that. You’re all talk..

Kay: All Talk? You think I’m afraid of you? Girl, I will put you on the ground. 

Asia: Are you serious?! Try something! You don’t know me like that.