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A New Restorative Approach to Middle School Behavior Management.

Transforming Discipline into Learning Opportunities.

Administrators Can’t Do EVERYTHING!

We understand the evolving challenges of addressing middle school behavior. As expectations rise and traditional punitive measures become less viable, administrators are seeking effective, time-saving alternatives. That’s where Reallyville’s Restorative Labs comes in.

What If There Was a Better Way…

You can’t mentor every student who needs your help… or can you? What if there was an easy way to respond to the individual needs of more students, without spending more time, and without forsaking the personal connection?

Reallyville Restorative Labs are designed to help you connect with students in a powerful way, without investing any more of your precious time.

Why Reallyville Restorative Labs?

Help More Students:

The power of restorative practices without the typical time requirements, offering a practical solution for busy schools.

Support Your Admin:

Give your administrators a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates into your existing system, making it easy to implement. 

Enhance Your MTSS:

Data-Driven Labs align with the MTSS’s tiered approach by offering differentiated resources that can be adapted to the varying levels of behavioral needs.

Deeper Connections:

Facilitates stronger relationships between students, administrators, and teachers, fostering a supportive school environment.  

Convenient and Flexible:

Fits seamlessly into existing disciplinary frameworks. Can be used in a variety of settings. 


Administrators can get more done in a fraction of the time. Helping their students in a way that gets the benefits of a one-on-one approach, with only a small portion of the typical time commitment.

Easy 3 Step Plan:

1. Contact us

We simply need to verify that you are an actual school system employee via email.

2. Preview

Within 24 hours we will reach out to you to give you access to our preview dashboard.

3. Let us know

After seeing inside, let us know you’re ready and we will start the process of getting you set up. 

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