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Lessons designed to be given once per week for 15-30 minute periods.


Week 1



John tells his inspiring story of the moment his life turned around, and introduces the Strong / Kind / Wise framework.

Emotions Series

Week 8


I Did It Again

Music video followed by a breakdown about what it’s like when emotions take over.

Week 9


John talks about emotions at a biological level, and introduces us the “Notice it / Name it / Deflate it” technique.

Week 10


Steph picks up where John left off and talks about things we can do to help get control when emotions run high.

Week 11


Which Are You?



Students decide which response they relate to given different situations, and are asked to decide which responses are best.

Watch Closely Series

Week 24


Chris Dean

Mixing magic and his story, Chris tells about the art of hiding behind an illusion.

Week 25



John tells a childhood story about how his eyes were opened by a young man named Kevin.

Week 26



Chris and John team up to give some practical advice on reaching out.

Week 27




It’s time to play a little “What Would You Do?” 

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Why Reallyville?

The Best Videos

Our videos make students want to talk. We bring up real-life topics in a real way, and students love them.


While we do provide a full-year program, flexibility is built in. You can choose what, when, and how you use our content.

Low Cost

Better lessons for a fraction of the cost of the leading SEL and writing programs. 

Build Relationships

We bring up real topics for authentic discussion and/or writing, creating an atmosphere where students feel heard.

No Prep!

Just press play. Teachers have soooo much to do. We want to lessen the burden and make your life easier. 

Teach Life-Skills

“When are we ever gonna use this?” is not a question you will hear. The topics we cover are inherently meaningful.

What Teachers are Saying…

I just wanted to let you know that my sixth grade students are loving your videos! We have been watching them every day, and then they respond to the videos in their journals. Your messages are relevant, relatable, and on a level that they can understand. Thank you so much for sending such positive messages. I feel like these videos can make a huge impact on students. I want to share them with everyone!
Rebecca Webster

Teacher, Front Royal, VA

We are a Title 1 school with low-income students, some of which come from very rough backgrounds. My kids have LOVED it!
Becky Grau

Teacher, Huntsville, AL

Our conversations have been AMAZING!! I now find that when they misbehave I can reference the videos to help navigate the situation. BTW…they LOVE your song…they want me to play it all the time
Sherrie Fisher

Teacher, Fredericksburg, VA

We had just finished our Second Step Lesson. Kids did not take it seriously and did not engage in the discussions. After we finished, I introduced your video. They were restless and I wanted to see how they would react to your stuff after being bored to tears. They did not know what to expect. Click….play…. Total silence and focus on your video. HOLY COW! I asked them how they felt about the video… cool stuff!
Ellen Forbes

Teacher, Mableton, GA

What Students are Saying…

Anonymous Student Feedback

  • “It makes me think about stuff I never thought about before.”


  • “He talks about things that are very true and he uses examples. I like everything about the videos.”


  • “I connected because of the beat of the music, caught my attention and the message told me that I was ok being different.”


  • “I like how they help me understand what to do in certain situations.”


  • ” The videos are very inspiring and fun to watch. They are a great way to start off a school morning!”


  • “I like the  way he talks to the camera. I feel like he is talking directly to me.”

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