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Are Your Students Struggling with…

  • Kindness & empathy?

  • Motivation?

  • Perseverance?

  • Social Skills?

  • Lack of perspective?

  • Feeling disconnected or discouraged?

Reallyville is here to help!

Our videos and lessons are built specifically to connect with middle schoolers.


We’ve been there. We know what it’s like to search the endless YouTube universe for a video that students will connect with. Not too long. Not too short. Not too high level, but not too childish. Then, when you’re six minutes into your 8th video, you hear one word that ruins the whole thing! “Nope… can’t show that one!”

We get it. And we did the hard work for you. All of the videos in the bank have been Reallyville approved, which means they are…

  • Language and Content Appropriate (no gasps, giggles, or big eyes!)

  • Age Appropriate (not too high, not too low… just right)

  • Cringe-Free (if it’s cheesy, it isn’t Reallyville worthy)

  • All work with YouTube’s restricted filter enabled (Because we know how the district filters can crush good plans)

If it’s in the bank, you can rest assured that it has passed the Reallyville test and you can enjoy without worry.


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  • All videos come with three writing/discussion prompts to choose from.

  • Videos and prompts geared specifically to middle school ages (grades 5-9).

  • Perfect for homeroom, advisory period, weekly class meetings, small groups, SEL lessons, Motivational Mondays, etc.